Doktor Argus Q. Faux founded the Hypercube Media Laboratory back in 2012 with a single VCR and a dream, a dream of a world where everyone would delight in his in low-resolution audio-visual psychic assaults. After several years of market research and product testing, Doktor Faux stands on the brink of success with the hopes of dismantling world governments with an army of devoted followers.


In 2016, Faux set off on a worldwide expedition to build the only thing that can truly accompany brainwashing videos and mind-control gas, A ROCK BAND. During his journeys in an abandoned Aztec city he met The Alchemist, a super-scientist who seeks the ability to turn any record into gold! By night, The Alchemist dons his sacred luchador mask, a family heirloom which bestows upon him the power to channel the energy of thousands of defeated enemies through his new Psychoustic™ Bass Amplifier (courtesy of Hypercube). 14102813_1640454866266628_2506064742399261705_o

After Faux and Al left Mexico, they acquired passports and took a cheap cruise through the Bahamas. While eating jerk chicken at Crusty Pete’s Jerk Chicken n’ Waffles restaurant, they found an unnaturally powerful animatronic drummer in Crusty Pete’s robotic band. According to a local legend almost a couple of weeks old, a drunken tourist happened to urinate into the sunrise margarita glass of a local VooDoo Priestess. His soul was transferred to the robotic drummer, forced to live out eternity playing “Blow The Man Down” along with a fashionable yet obsolete robot backup band. Naturally, Faux unbolted the robot, The Swashbuckler 9000, and set sail atop of a stolen rubber raft for America.

14125519_1640455012933280_8656089425543822321_oFinally with the rhythm section secured, Faux sought out his lead guitarist in the spooky city of Cassadega, Florida. Outside of a large glowing tent, dozens of robed figures prowled around a campfire while chanting mysterious songs into the night sky. Standing next to them was Reverend Ken, who was telling them that they were mostly a group of naked freaks who just wanted to get stoned and maybe laid later that night. Faux took to Ken’s brash honesty and invited him to “come see a guy who’s soul is trapped in a robot pirate.” Ken said that he’d check it out, and since then has joined the ensemble as lead technomancer, guitarist and skeptic-in-chief: making sure that the paranormal offerings usually brought to Faux in tribute are really ancient talismans and not just more Model Magic Dough and spray paint.