More Shows for Fall 2017

Doktor Faux has been busy getting The Right Angles primed for more shows and song releases this season! Already becoming one of Orlando’s cult-favorites, we are VERY EXCITED to start lining up new merchandise, new videos and new songs!

In Orlando? Friday September 8 we will be at Uncle Lou’s with BEAR DREAM and Hypercube personal friend TROTSKY’S WATERCOOLER! It will be our first time playing with BOBBY CLOCK AND THE SODA POPS!

Near Melbourne, Florida? Saturday September 9 we will be at Open Mike’s Coffee Lounge with our friends RAY BRAZEN AND HELIOPHONIC, as well as more of BROKEN MACHINE FILMS providing the Hypercube-Orientation Visual Actuator! We will also be meeting QUARTERHAWK and DUSTIN D. FINGERS. This show is brought to you by ILLUMINATED PATHS, check them out!

We are also booking shows for later in the fall. We are hoping to have some great stuff available for all the budding Hypercubists for the Holidays!