More Shows for 2017

DOKTOR FAUX is busy scheduling tons of shows for 2017, which can be seen on our FACEBOOK PAGE and on our SHOWS page here. We are very excited to announce that Faux and the band will be playing SANFORD MUSIC FEST this year.

You can catch them on the main stage at West End Trading Company. You can purchase tickets HERE! Make sure to enter “DOKTOR FAUX” into the REFERRAL field on the page!


Doktor Faux Kicks Off 2017

With a live performance on New Years Day at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando, Florida DOKTOR FAUX AND THE RIGHT ANGLES officially kicked off another celestial cycle of shows and sacrifices to the dark realm of interdimensional shadows. Several performances are lining up, and the engineers in the Hypercube Laboratory are busy setting up new Psychoustic™ Amplification Pylons and a new Negatronic Scaffold for live brainwave stimulation!