New EP is in the works!

Doktor Faux has been hard at work strangling the Right Angles while working with Valencia College’s audio-production program! Fort the past several weeks the band has been meeting up and working in the studio to bring you the professional-level of recording our fans have been asking for! Expect this awesome CD to arrive VERY SOON, as well as many more exciting times ahead! More shows have been booked through the end of the year! Check them out on the SHOWS page!

Uncle Lou’s LMGA
Orlando, FL
with Danny Feedback

December 2, 2017
Open Mike’s Coffee Lounge
Melbourne, Florida
Ray Brazen, Quarterhawk,
Dustin D Fingers, Heliophonic
Broken Machine Films Video Art

December 29, 2017
Orlando Brewing Co.
Orlando, FL
with Hadley’s Hope

Melbourne, FL event CANCELLED due to Hurricane Irma

While Doktor Faux would have gladly dragged the Right Angles by their heels to play outside on the beach, the city of Melbourne thought it would be better if they just “stayed home”. That is the decision made after the venue, Open Mike’s Coffee Lounge also decided that is would be safer for the GENERAL PUBLIC to stay at home, too!

We respectfully agree with Open Mike, and we hope that all of our friends and fans in Melbourne, Fl and the rest of Florida stay safe during this impeding storm.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we hope to make it to Melbourne ASAP!


Dr. Argus Q. Faux

More Shows for Fall 2017

Doktor Faux has been busy getting The Right Angles primed for more shows and song releases this season! Already becoming one of Orlando’s cult-favorites, we are VERY EXCITED to start lining up new merchandise, new videos and new songs!

In Orlando? Friday September 8 we will be at Uncle Lou’s with BEAR DREAM and Hypercube personal friend TROTSKY’S WATERCOOLER! It will be our first time playing with BOBBY CLOCK AND THE SODA POPS!

Near Melbourne, Florida? Saturday September 9 we will be at Open Mike’s Coffee Lounge with our friends RAY BRAZEN AND HELIOPHONIC, as well as more of BROKEN MACHINE FILMS providing the Hypercube-Orientation Visual Actuator! We will also be meeting QUARTERHAWK and DUSTIN D. FINGERS. This show is brought to you by ILLUMINATED PATHS, check them out!

We are also booking shows for later in the fall. We are hoping to have some great stuff available for all the budding Hypercubists for the Holidays!

Upcoming Shows for Summer 2017

Doktor Faux and The Right Angles will be playing with Hadley’s Hope at Orlando Brewing on April 28th, and at Hadley’s Hope CD Release Party at Will’s Pub this July.

Daytona venue Tir na Nog has invited Doktor Faux to return, and several new venues are lining up for the Hypercube Summer Jam!

 Friday April 28, 2017 Orlando Brewing Orlando, Florida
with Hadley’s Hope

Friday May 12, 2017 Tir na Nog Daytona Beach, FL
with Gino and the Goons and The Ridicule

Saturday May 13, 2017 West End Trading CO. Sanford, FL
for Second Saturday’s with Roughour, BloodBath And Beyond and Under the Blacktop

Thursday June 15, 2017 West End Trading CO. Sanford, FL
with Bluesferbones and Danny Feedback’s Crack Rock Opera

Saturday July 8, 2017 Will’s Pub Orlando, Florida
Hadley’s Hope CD Release Party

Thursday July 27, 2017 Copper Rocket Pub
with Ray Brazen and Bear Dream

Doktor Faux Kicks Off 2017

With a live performance on New Years Day at Coffins Print Shop in Orlando, Florida DOKTOR FAUX AND THE RIGHT ANGLES officially kicked off another celestial cycle of shows and sacrifices to the dark realm of interdimensional shadows. Several performances are lining up, and the engineers in the Hypercube Laboratory are busy setting up new Psychoustic™ Amplification Pylons and a new Negatronic Scaffold for live brainwave stimulation!